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14 Places To Go and Things To Do To Keep The Romance Alive

From Bethesda Magazine, July/August 2007
By Erin Mantz

The Washington, DC area does offer plenty of opportunities for romance. It just takes a little imagination and an appreciation of why keeping the romance alive is so important in a relationship. Here is one of the ideas that will add a little fuel to the fire.

#3: Let the Romance Into Your Bedroom With Feng Shui
Certified Feng Shui expert Carol Olmstead of North Bethesda swears that Feng Shui can set the stage for true romance. “When your surroundings are unbalanced, you’re too busy fighting your environment,” she says. Olmstead will visit your bedroom and ensure your artwork doesn’t stand alone or look bleak; or take out all non-couple photos and look under your bed to ensure shoes and luggage are not there (they symbolize walking away from your relationship). The Rev. Karen W. Diamond of Bethesda hired Olmstead once all her furniture came in and renovations were done. “The energy in my house now supports romance,” Diamond says.

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