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Welcome to the Feng Shui For Real Life E-zine, a monthly e-mail magazine with Feng Shui tips, success stories, clutter-clearing advice, and other information to help you bring simple Feng Shui improvements into your life. Also, check out the posts on my, the weekly articles I write for the Feng Shui site, and my own site, Feng Shui For Real
Carol M. Olmstead
Feng Shui Master Practitioner

Happy Thanksgiving!
I wish you a holiday filled with family and friends, harmony and happiness, and food and festivity. I am truly thankful for of all my wonderful e-zine readers, clients, and colleagues. You enrich every day of my life. Please keep your wonderful success stories coming. The Feng Shui For Real Life E-zine reaches an international audience so when you send me your stories and questions I get to share them with the world.

Special Holiday Offer
Complimentary 30 Minute Feng Shui Consultation
Buy one or more copies of the Feng Shui Quick Guide For Home and Office, and you will receive a coupon for a complimentary 30 minute Feng Shui consultation by phone (worth $125). You can use this consultation to discuss your home or workspace. Offer good through December 15, and only on books purchased through the Feng Shui Store at

Feng Shui Tip of the Month: Creating Thanksgiving Harmony
The colors, aromas, and tastes of Thanksgiving are strongly associated with positive Feng Shui, but this family and food-filled holiday can also be stressful and demanding. Here are three tips to help you create a peaceful and harmonious holiday around the family table.
Encourage Family Harmony: Display a centerpiece of orange flowers to encourage conversation, or fresh fruit and vegetables to represent good health and longevity. Keep shiny surfaces to a minimum, and stow the knife out of sight after you carve the turkey. If your family is prone to arguments, minimize the yang energy by inviting an even number of guests, keeping the lights low, and decorating with earthy colors like pumpkin, goldenrod, and evergreen.
Choose Harmonious Foods: The winter months are part of the yin side of our energy, so we need to balance this darker, lower, colder energy with strong yang energy in our Thanksgiving menus. Cooked foods, spices, and hot foods such as chile peppers, ginger, garlic, and chocolate are yang energy. Feng Shui is all about balance, so when you serve "white" foods like mashed potatoes, use bright colored plates and bowls.
Use the "Good Stuff." Thanksgiving is not the time to eat in front of the TV, so no matter whether your celebration is large or small, bring out the good dishes, china, crystal, and silver. The dining room is considered to be a place of wealth in Feng Shui, so if you have one, be sure to use it for Thanksgiving dinner. Hang a mirror that reflects your table and you will symbolically double your abundance and prosperity.
Read more Thanksgiving Feng Shui tips in the article on my BellaOnline website.

Clutter Clinic -- 9 Quick Tips to Identify Clutter
Sometimes it's hard to decide whether something is worth keeping, or if it is only contributing to your clutter problems. If you have too many "things" around the house that you haven't used in a while, or that you don't remember why you are saving, try asking yourself these nine questions to help decide whether an object is clutter or a keeper.
1. Does this thing work? If it can't be fixed, get rid of it.
2. Would I replace it if it were broken or lost? If not, you don't really need it.
3. Does it seem useful, but never actually gets used? How many of those glass florist vases do you really need?
4. Was I "saving" it? Hoarding your favorite stationery in a desk drawer is pointless if you never write letters.
5. Does it serve its purpose well? If you don't use an item, get rid of it, no matter how functional or "cute" it seems.
6. Has it been replaced by a more appropriate version? If that old laptop won't run the software that you need to do your job, recycle it.
7. Is it put away in an out-of-the-way place? No matter how neatly a thing is stored, if you never use it, it's time to get rid of it.
8. Does this memento actually prompt positive memories? If something has an unpleasant association, there is no reason to keep it.
9. Have I ever used this thing? If you have never used it, it's time to let it go.

These tips come from Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project. You can also find more clutter-clearing tips in the month-by-month guide to clutter clearing in the Feng Shui Quick Guide For Home and Office.

Success Story -- Picturing Career Success
Mary Lynne was having difficulty moving ahead in her career when she contacted me for an office consultation. She told me she felt stuck in a rut in her job, couldn't understand why she was continually overlooked for a promotion, and had lost the ability to visualize herself succeeding in her career. There were three things that I noticed immediately in her office: she was sitting with her back to the door, which is considered a vulnerable position; she was staring at a blank wall; and the few pieces of uninspiring art she did have were hanging in a straight line, symbolizing lateral rather than upward grow. I recommended a few strategic changes, and a few months later received this e-mail from Mary Lynne:
The first thing I did was move my desk so I could see out the doorway, and I couldn't believe how much more "noticed" I felt when colleagues would walk down the hallway and smile or acknowledge me. Then, I found a picture of a mountain to put behind me to represent support, as you suggested, and replaced the horizontal line of bland prints with a photo of a beautiful sunrise and a print of a landscape with lush trees to represent. Out of the blue I was selected to be part of an important task force, which has given me greater visibility and respect in the company. Finally I can picture my prospects for moving up in my career.
Read more Feng Shui Success Stories on my Facebook Fan Page.

Feng Shui Holiday Gift Advice -- Six Gifts to Avoid and Six Gifts to Give
When you are looking for those perfect Christmas gifts or Hanukkah presents for your family and friends, be careful what you choose because your gifts may have hidden meaning in Feng Shui terms. Here are six gifts not to give this holiday season because of negative Feng Shui, and six more that you can give because they represent positive Feng Shui energy.

Six Gifts to Avoid
1. Sharp Object
-- represents cutting a friendship.
2. Empty Wallet -- represents lack of prosperity.
3. Thorny Flower or Plant -- represents piercing a relationship.
4. Stunted Tree like Bonsai -- represents stunted growth.
5. Clock or Timepiece -- represents stealing time.
6. Handkerchief -- represents crying in the future.

Six Gifts To Give
1. Red Wallet Filled with Money
-- tuck a $50 bill inside to symbolize continued abundance.
2. Healthy Plant -- choose one with rounded leaves to represent prosperity.
3. Wind Chimes -- hang by the front door to attract positive energy to any location.
4. Purse Hanger -- use one to keep your purse off the floor and respect your wealth.
5. Precious Stones -- select citrine to attract clients and increased income, or amethyst for balance.
6. Books -- give the gift of reading to open up the world.

If you receive gifts that feel negative to you, there are ways to turn around their hidden meaning. Read more about this in my article on Feng Shui site.

Ask the Feng Shui Maven
Q: Where is the best place to display family photos in my home, especially my wedding photo and photos of the kids? And where do I store the photos of me and all of my ex-boyfriends?
Display photos of your parents in the Family Area of your home to help connect with the power of your ancestors, place photos of your children in the Creativity Area to add lively energy, and display your wedding photo in the Love Area and/or in your bedroom. Avoid placing photos of your family, friends, and children in your bedroom since this room should be reserved for only you and your husband. As for the photos of your ex-boyfriends, it's best to get rid of them rather than keep them in your house.

Q: I've been searching in different books for the best place to put a compost bin in the yard and some say to avoid having one, so I'm confused. My family believes in living green as best we can. Right now our compost bin is behind the garage in the wealth area of our property. To me this makes sense since in time the food scraps decompose into "rich" dark soil. What do you think?
Since you consider the compost bin to be an important part of "living green," then it appropriately belongs anywhere in your yard that is convenient, since it nourishes your family and the earth. Behind your garage in the Wealth Area is fine, or in the Health/Community Area if that works in your yard.
Do you have Feng Shui questions for the Feng Shui Maven? E-mail them to Carol Olmstead, then watch this e-zine for the answers.

Quick Tips from my book, the Feng Shui Quick Guide For Home and Office
Here are three tips for November from the "Calendar of Tips" in the Feng Shui Quick Guide For Home and Office -- Secrets For Attracting Wealth, Harmony, and Love.
1. Seat a guest of honor across from one spouse and seat the other spouse in the middle, complementary position to encourage the flow of conversation.
2. Before a holiday meal is a good time to remove any chipped plates or glassware from your kitchen because they represent negative energy.
3. If you have mirrors hung so they face each other, they could contribute to arguments; remove or relocate one of them.

Holiday Gift Ideas -- Purse Hangers Make Great Stocking Stuffers
In Feng Shui, keeping your purse on the floor represents disregard for your wealth, plus scientific studies show that your purse can pick up all kinds of bacteria when it sits on the floor. The remedy is a Purse Hanger that lets you hang your purse safely from a table or desk. I have finally found folding purse hangers that fit neatly in your purse. It's the perfect gift for all the women on your list. The 2" disk opens to a sturdy 3" hanger. I stock them in elegant black and silver, plus I have a few available in assorted colors.

I have a new supply that I was able to buy before the holiday price increase, so order now for the best price. Order at the Feng Shui Store at

Home, Office, and Business Consultations
Off-Site Feng Shui Consulting
To help you get started with a plan of Feng Shui changes for your home, I am now offering Off-Site Feng Shui Consulting and Floor Plan Review. This service includes review of the floor plan and photos of your home, office, or business, followed by a telephone consultation with recommendations and changes you can make to the placement of furniture, artwork, and objects to activate the positive energy in your home and clients into your business. The service also includes 30 days of follow-up consulting. Sign up for this service through the Online Store at, or call 1.800.652.9038.

On-Site Consultation
Nationwide, I schedule residential and commercial consultations on request. On a regular basis I work with clients in the Northeast (Washington, DC, Maryland, Baltimore, Annapolis, Northern Virginia, New York City, and New Jersey) and the Southwest (Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Phoenix, and Denver). Appointments fill up fast, especially on weekends, so schedule your consultation now to get the date you want. E-mail me with the date you would like to schedule your consultation.

Workshops for Your Group or Organization
Bring one of my customized workshops to your city. I will create a custom presentation to help your business or group make simple changes to attract wealth, harmony, and love. From keynote speeches, to "munch-and-learn" workshops, to half-day or full-day seminars, my interactive workshops are full of practical advice, tips, and fun. Feng Shui workshops make great fund-raisers, and they always sell out. E-mail me for details on scheduling a customized session for your group.

New Workshop: "Creating Home Sanctuary"
Where do you go to unwind at home after a stressful day at work? Most of us spend the bulk of our time at the workplace or working from a home office, which makes it especially important to have a special place to relax when the workday is done. Learn 10 Feng Shui tools for creating a private sanctuary and safe haven at home where you can renew, restore, slow down, and just let go.

I welcome your referrals. If you know of a group or organization that would be interested in scheduling me as a speaker, E-mail me or call 1.800.652.9038.

Beyond Feng Shui -- How to Clean Your Artwork at Home
When you are getting your home ready for holiday entertaining, don't forget the artwork hanging on your walls. Whether your framed artwork is worth money or memories, each piece should be shown off to its best advantage, and that means cleaning without worrying about damaging it in the process. To start, always take your art off the wall to clean it, and place it on a flat surface.
Glass: Use ordinary glass cleaner and spray a cloth, not a paper towel, and wipe the glass.
Acrylic: Use a small amount of dish washing liquid on a soft, damp cloth and wipe the acrylic. Never use ammonia or alcohol on acrylic or it will cloud the surface.
Frames: Dust with a soft cloth and cleaner that is specified for the frame type, whether wood, metal, etc. Avoid using water or you may damage the frame or artwork beneath it. Remember to dust and clean the back of the frame.
Fabric Mats and Liners: Use canned air or a soft artist's paintbrush to remove loose debris. Avoid using liquids, because they can leave stains and release the glue that holds the fabrics to the mats or liners.
Oil or Acrylic Paintings: While these are best left to a professional conservator, you can use canned air or a soft artist's paintbrush to remove loose dust or pet hair. Soot can be removed from paintings with a piece of bread. Fold the bread in half and then gently dab at the painting. Remove any leftover breadcrumbs with an artist's brush.
Photographs and Other Artwork: For photographs and prints, use a soft paintbrush or fabric lint roller (not the sticky kind) to gently remove dirt and debris.
These tips come from High Desert Art and Frame.

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