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Finding the Prosperity Place in Your Home

Finding the Prosperity Place in Your Home
One way to attract wealth and prosperity is to find the Feng Shui prosperity place in your home and add the appropriate objects and colors according to Feng Shui principles. Our surroundings have a powerful effect on what we attract into our lives. When the energy around us is blocked or unbalanced, our prosperity, health, and relationships can be adversely affected. This is especially important when that blocked energy is located in the area I call your "prosperity place." Feng Shui improvements unblock the flow of positive energy, remove negative influences, and allow you to attract the prosperity and abundance you deserve.

The Bagua is the mapping chart used to map your home and find your "prosperity place.” The modern bagua is a grid corresponding to the nine critical aspects of your life. To use this grid, stand at your front door facing in to your home and hold the map in front of you. Look at a bagua map and find the Wealth/Prosperity area in the upper left hand corner of your home. That's your "prosperity place."

What room occupies your "prosperity place?" If that room is neglected, cluttered, or empty, your prosperity will be restricted and negatively affected. If that room is clean, neat, and filled with objects and items that make you feel prosperous, that is exactly what you will attract into your life.

Here are some specific ways to improve the “prosperity place” in your own home:

Is your kitchen in the prosperity place? Food is associated with wealth in Feng Shui, so display a bowl of oranges or apples on the counter to symbolize prosperity. Keep the kitchen scrupulously clean. The more burners you have on your stove, the more prosperity you attract, so either hang a mirror behind the stove to reflect the burners, symbolically doubling them, or place a shiny teakettle on the stove to reflect the burners.

Is your bathroom in the prosperity place? Keep the toilet lid down and the door to the room closed so you are not symbolically “flushing your wealth” down the toilet. And to keep the water in this room from “washing away” your wealth, add a red object to represent the Fire Element or a brown object to represent the Earth Element and symbolically “dry up” the excess water.

Is your garage in the prosperity place? Clear the clutter so you can actually park cars in there. Store only those items that you actually use. Paint the walls or decorate them with the colors red or orange. Hang posters or prints with images that feel wealthy and prosperous near the door that connects the garage to house.

Is your living room or family room in the prosperity place? Display your valuable objects in this room to symbolize wealth, such as crystal, valuable collections, fine art. Add healthy plants in beautiful pots to symbolize flourishing wealth. If you plants die, replace them immediately with healthy ones to keep your wealth growing.

Is your dining room in the prosperity place? Food and guests are associated with wealth. Hang a mirror that reflects your dining room table and you will symbolically double your wealth. Keep valuable items like crystal, silver, and china in the room to represent the continuing accumulation of wealth.

Is your bedroom in the prosperity place? Hang artwork that depicts water, such as rivers and streams. Water represents the flow of abundance, so be sure that the water image in your art is flowing into your room. Art that shows water flowing out represents prosperity leaving your home.

Is your porch or deck in the prosperity place? Choose high quality outdoor furniture for this space, and keep it here in all seasons. Grow red or purple flowers in red ceramic planters during the growing season, since plants and flowers represent abundance. Hang a wind chime, flag, or bird feeder to attract chi to your home.

What’s in your prosperity place? Use Feng Shui improvements in your prosperity place, and you will bring the wealth and prosperity into your life that you so richly deserve.

Click here to download a bagua map to find your "prosperity place." Choose either a horizontal or vertical bagua, depending on which one matches the general shape of your home.

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