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Feng Shui For The New Year

Feng Shui For The New Year
Feng Shui for the New Year involves surrounding yourself with objects and colors that represent prosperity and happiness. Here are six Feng Shui suggestions for things to bring with you into the New Year to attract wealth in the days and months to follow. These recommendations focus heavily on the color red, which is the Fire Element in Feng Shui, and a powerful symbol of wealth and prosperity. If you do nothing else, I highly recommend you treat yourself to a new red wallet this year.

1. New Red Wallet. A new wallet symbolizes being ready to accept new wealth, and colors in the red family draw prosperity to you. Enter the New Year with a new red or burgundy leather wallet and it will help attract wealth and prosperity for you. Be sure to fold up a $50 or $100 bill and “hide” it in your wallet, where it will attract even more wealth.

I gave this suggestion to my client, Trish, who had a difficult year as a real estate agent. Here is her success story -- In your recommendations for the New Year, one of your suggestions was to buy a new red wallet. This really made sense to me, especially since my old black wallet was a wreck. Two weeks after I purchased my new red wallet I wrote a contract with some buyers I had been dealing with for almost two years. I was so excited I couldn’t believe I actually closed a deal! Also, out of the blue I received a $50 thank you gift from a neighbor for helping find her dog. I folded that up and will keep it stored in my powerful red wallet so it can attract even more wealth.

2. Red Clothes. Wearing the color red is a symbol that you want to attract good fortune. Wear a new red outfit or accessory on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day to represent the wealth and prosperity what you want to attract this year. If you don't have a lot of red clothes, you can wear a red scarf, or earrings, or even red underwear.

3. Red Shoes. Treat yourself to a pair of new red shoes as a symbol that you are ready to “step ahead” in the New Year and "stomp out" any frustrations in the upcoming year. Any height heel will work.

4. Gold Jewelry. Gold represents abundance and wealth, so buy yourself a new piece of gold jewelry to signify growth and accumulation of wealth. It’s best to buy a newly-created piece rather than consignment or resale jewelry, because you want to take advantage of its bright, new energy. Sometimes, a vintage piece carries the former owner’s energy with it and you don’t want to risk acquiring anyone’s negative experiences.

5. New Watch. A watch is always moving forward, so buying a new one symbolizes bringing positive, active chi into your life. It’s better to buy your own watch than to receive it as a gift, however. So if someone wants to treat you to a new watch, suggest that they give you a gift card instead so you can pick out your own.

6. Large Tote Bag. A big tote symbolizes that you are expecting the year to bring many good things, and that you need a bag big enough to carry them. Buy the largest one you are comfortable carrying.

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