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Welcome to Feng Shui for Real Life, a monthly e-newsletter that provides Feng Shui tips and other information that can help you bring simple Feng Shui changes into your life. Feng Shui for Real Life is available by request. To subscribe or unsubscribe, visit:

Carol M. Olmstead, FSII

Happy Thanksgiving! I continue to be thankful for my many wonderful clients and newsletter subscribers. You give me the opportunity to help improve your lives, you offer terrific feedback, and you ask the most intriguing questions.

Last month, at an awards ceremony that was part of National Business Women’s Week, I received a unique goodie bag. I would like to send this virtual copy of that bag to each of you as a Thanksgiving gift:

• Rubber Band, to stretch your ideas and your mind and to be flexible
• Tissue, to see the tears and needs of others'
• Band Aid, to heal hurt feelings, both yours and others
• Hershey’s Kiss, since everyone needs a kiss, hug, or word of encouragement
• LifeSavers Candy, because your family, friends, and you are your own life savers
• Penny, to share your thoughts, the big ones and the little ones
• Pencil, to list your blessings each day
• Eraser, to remind you that we all make mistakes
• Toothpick, to pick out the good qualities in others and yourself and accept our differences
• Paper Clip, to keep it all together when you can, and ask for help when you cannot
• Snickers Bar, to make you laugh, since it is the best medicine
• Starbust Candy, to remind you that you are a shining star
Thanks to Mary Stramel, General Mailing and Shipping Systems, Inc. (, for creating this unique goodie bag.

Feng Shui Tip: Where is the “Prosperity Place” in Your Home
Want to increase your prosperity and abundance? First, locate the wealth area of your home by using the bagua map which can be found on my website at Holding the map in front of you, stand at your front door looking into your home. The area in the upper left hand corner is the place where you need to locate objects and furniture that make you feel abundant and prosperous. Which room occupies this “prosperity place” in your home?

• Kitchen: Food is associated with wealth in Feng Shui, so if your kitchen is in the prosperity area, display a bowl of fruit on the counter to symbolize prosperity.
• Bathroom: Keep the toilet lid down and the door to the room closed so you are not symbolically “flushing your wealth” down the toilet.
• Garage: Clear the clutter and store only those items that you regularly use, so you can actually park cars in your garage.
• Living Room or Family Room: Display your valuable objects in this room, such as crystal, valuable collections, or fine art, to symbolize wealth.
• Dining Room: Entertaining guests is associated with wealth, so hang a mirror that reflects your dining room table and you will symbolically double your wealth.
• Porch or Deck: Choose high quality outdoor furniture for this space, and keep it out in all seasons.
• Bedroom: Hang artwork that depicts water flowing in, not out, of the image to represent the flow of abundance into your home.

Want to read more about Feng Shui and activating your home’s “prosperity place” to attract wealth and abundance? Read my article Establishing Your Prosperity Place with Feng Shui on the website:

Success Story: Lydia’s Empty Nest&
Lydia’s only child left for college in August and her bedroom quickly became a place for Lydia to dump things. Lydia called me for a consultation because she wanted to find a new use for the room. Just a few weeks after our session, I received this e-mail from her.
First of all, I want to tell you how much I am enjoying my new reading room! I can’t believe that it was so simple to move out all the junk I was storing in my daughter’s former bedroom and create a peaceful space, as you suggested. Now I miss her less, because I am using the room as a library where I can keep the books that we both have read. And I followed your suggestion to replace the bed with a futon. It’s a place for me to read and for her to come home to! So much better than using the room as a storage dump. The images that you suggested for the walls make a big difference, because the view of city rooftop air conditioner units from the window is uninspiring. Now I look at walls that are covered with posters of lush green forests and a bubbling stream. I'm so glad I engaged your services and followed through. This is an exciting process. Next step, I am going to tackle the mess that I call my office.
Feng Shui Q & A
I received a delightful e-mail from an elementary school student in Missouri this week who was writing a paper on Feng Shui. Since he assured me that my answers and expertise would help
his “intellectual growth and understanding of the world,” how could I resist sharing his questions?

Q: What is your favorite Feng Shui tip?
A: Clear the clutter. Too much clutter around us keeps good things from flowing into our lives.

Q: Is Feng Shui still practiced regularly in Asia today?
A: Feng Shui is especially popular in Hong Kong, where major buildings will not be built until a Feng Shui master approves the design.

Q: What are the origins of Feng Shui?
A: Feng Shui originated in China around 3,000-5,000 years ago.

Q: For what purpose was Feng Shui created?
A: Feng Shui helped farmers determine where to locate their farms so their crops would thrive. As people moved into cities, Feng Shui began to adapt to new environments.

Q: What is a common misconception about Feng Shui?
A: Some people have the misconception that Feng Shui is a religious or a superstition; actually Feng Shui is a design system for arranging a home in balance and harmony with the natural world.

Q: What is a common way in which chi is blocked?
A: Chi can be blocked from entering a home by a large tree, telephone pole, or straight path in front of the house.

Q: I read in your newsletter about the problem with holding on to things that are broken. What does Feng Shui say about repairing broken things? I chipped a favorite serving plate I picked up in Greece. I hate to get rid of it. Can I repair the plate and continue using it without negative consequences?
A: Yes, of course it is fine to repair an object, especially when it has pleasant memories associated with it. What matters most are the feelings you bring to the object after the repair is made. If you look at the plate and feel that a treasured object has been restored, you should keep it. If you look at the plate and see only the damage, then you are better off getting rid of it.

Consultations and Workshops
Customized Workshops and Seminars
My Feng Shui workshops are customized to meet the needs of individuals, organizations, and groups. Here are some of the most popular topics I have presented.

Introduction to Feng Shui
Bedroom Feng Shui
Feng Shui Clutter Clinic
Feng Shui for Children's Rooms
Home Office Feng Shui
Feng Shui Goes To Work
Look Twice, Buy Once for Home Buyers
Sell It Fast with Feng Shui
Feng Shui, Love, and Relationships
Feng Shui in the Garden
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Themes (May)
Holiday Luncheons (December)
NEW! Selling Real Estate to Asian Buyers

Contact me directly to set up a presentation for your group: or 1-800-652-9038.

Upcoming Workshops: Open to the Public
January 23, 2007
Capitol City Business and Professional Women (BPW), Santa Fe, NM
Feng Shui and Relationships
Join me at the BPW meeting to learn the basics of Feng Shui and how you can use them to sustain and nurture the relationships in your life. This is a great opportunity to hear more about Feng Shui and meet the terrific women and men who belong to this BPW chapter. Members: $20, Guests: $23. To register, contact me directly at 505-690-1814 or

2007 Feng Shui Getaway Workshops
Alta Mae Heritage Inn, Edgewood, NM
Come enjoy a Feng Shui Getaway at Alta Mae's Heritage Inn in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains in Edgewood, New Mexico. I will be conducting a full-day workshop that includes a morning session on the practical applications of Feng Shui, a gourmet lunch, and an hands-on afternoon session where I will analyze your floor plan or room layout. You can register for the Feng Shui workshop alone, or choose to add a stay at this cozy inn and enjoy a gourmet dinner and room package.

My scheduled workshop topics and dates at the Alta Mae, which you can reserve with or without room packages are:

January 13, 2007: Resolutions to Reality: Feng Shui for the New Year
April 14, 2007: Spring Clearing with Feng Shui
May 19, 2007 : Feng Shui and Love
October 6, 2007: Introduction to Feng Shui

Luncheons, Membership Meetings, Fund-Raisers
Feng Shui is a popular topic for luncheon and dinner meetings, special events, and fund-raisers. Whether it is a talk at the golf group luncheon, the garden club meeting, office staff development session, or holiday luncheon, my Feng Shui presentations are fun and always sell out!

Do you know any meeting planners or destination management companies who are looking for a workshop presenter or keynote speaker? If so, please pass along my name!

Home and Office Consultations
I offer consultations on a regular basis for homes and offices in the Northeast (DC Metro Area and Maryland Suburbs, Baltimore, Annapolis, Northern Virginia, New York City and New Jersey) and the Southwest (Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Los Alamos, Denver). Appointments do fill up fast, especially on the weekends.

Do you want a consultation or workshop in your city? Please e-mail me ( for details about setting up a session or consultation in your location.

Partner Profile: Joan Sotkin,
Joan Sotkin knows how to create prosperity from the inside out, and she shares her strategies for attracting wealth through her website, After years of struggling financially, Joan found her calling at age sixty when her website became an Internet sensation. Today, has over 20,000 monthly visitors and 125,000 subscribers. Her dynamic personality and holistic approach to achieving wealth have made her a sought-after prosperity guide, speaker, and workshop leader. Through her book, Build Your Money Muscle, Joan helps people stop struggling financially, earn more, get out of debt, and live the life of their dreams. Check out the Prosperity Place website to see how you can turn your finances around and make money your friend.

In The News: Denver Museum’s “Feng Shui Wing”
The new wing of the Denver Art Museum brings vitality and zest to the city, but a lot of energetic baggage at the same time. The Denver Post reports that according to Feng Shui principles, the museum’s dart-like prows with tip poised just yards away from the penthouse apartment living spaces, are “going to be a problem for the people who live there.” These the shiny spikes act as “poison arrows,” which if left unresolved, may make residents feel like they are under attack, resulting in illness. Poison arrows aimed at you put you constantly on the defensive and weaken you, like talking with someone who always wants to point in your face. But there are remedies to the situation. People moving into the museum residences can fight back with plants to absorb the aggressive energy and mirrors and other objects to direct the energy back toward the museum. Read more about Feng Shui about the new museum wing:

Beyond Feng Shui: Holiday Decorating Help
Does the thought of holiday decorating raise your stress level? Casa Milagros Interiors in Santa Fe has the cure: a Holiday Spruce Up Package for your home or office. Owner Heather Wood will use your existing decorations or create a new look based on your style. What a perfect opportunity to combine some holiday decorating with Feng Shui clutter clearing and get rid of the old decorations you never use.
Looking for prints, posters, and other artwork to use to make Feng Shui adjustments and improvements in your home or office? is the leading online print and poster retailer and they also provide framing services. You can search through the collection by artist and by subject. Use this link for find any special offers:

My Client-Centered Approach to Feng Shui* -- When I recommend cures for a home or office, I consider each client's goals. I try not to recommend anything that you will find unattractive or unacceptable. Rather, I suggest practical, appropriate, and workable cures that are based on solid Feng Shui principles and fit in with the way you live. I try to recommend several practical solutions that are appealing to you and fit your decor and your budget.

Carol M. Olmstead,
FSII Certified Feng Shui Practitioner

Copyright 2006, Carol Olmstead

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