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Welcome to Feng Shui for Real Life, a monthly e-newsletter that provides Feng Shui tips and other information that can help you bring simple Feng Shui changes into your life. Feng Shui for Real Life is available by request. To subscribe or unsubscribe, visit:

Carol M. Olmstead, FSII

"What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance."
Summer Sizzle Sale!
No matter how you describe the summer weather, the heat can make you feel sluggish. If your house is suffering from the same summer doldrums, I have the cure—my annual Summer Sizzle Sale on Feng Shui consultations. I am offering a $25 discount card for home consultations in August for new clients. You can download the coupon at and call now to schedule your appointment while you still have your pick of day and time.

Feng Shui Tip: Five Cool Cures for the Summertime Blues
No matter where you live, it's hot! Are soaring temps causing you to suffer from "summer burn out?" In Feng Shui, the summer season is associated with the Fire element. On the positive side, this makes us want to socialize (margaritas on the patio) and adds passion to our lives (summer romance). But too much Fire can have the opposite effect, making us feel tired, listless, and just plain burned out (perhaps that explains the beach book phenomena). Here are five Feng Shui "cures" for these summertime blues:
• Home décor colors too hot? No need to repaint, just add cool accents like light blue, periwinkle, or pale green bedspreads, pillows, or tablecloths to calm and soothe.
• House a mess? A cluttered room will make you feel overheated and tense. Clear the clutter to put out the fire.
• Feeling dry? Create the cooling effect of water with a small fountain, or mist your rooms with a light scent such as lavender.
• Too much light? Shut off the ceiling lights and use spot lights and table lamps, or burn small candles with light, fruity scents.
• Kitchen too hot to eat in? Change the location of your activities to minimize sun exposure. Cook out on the patio or the shady side of the house for a cooling change of place.

Clutter Clinic: It's Here, But Where?
Do things tend to get lost on your desk? If so, you are not alone. According to FastCompany Magazine, people spend about 30% of their time hunting for lost documents, and executives waste six weeks each year searching for lost pieces of paper. While computers are supposed to free us from all of our paper, some of us are accumulating more than ever. One way to reduce the amount of paper you handle is to use e-mail instead of fax, and back up your critical files rather than printing a hard copy.

Success Story: Wendy's Home Office
Wendy sent me a photo of her fabulous new home office, which she relocated from the basement to an upstairs room. The basement was the wrong location for Wendy's growing home-based marketing business. I recommended she switch places with the upstairs guest room, which was little used. Here is what she wrote:
I moved my office upstairs and am convinced that move helped lead to the launch of my new website ( among other things. I also began mailing things in red envelopes to encourage some prosperity for my business. Oh, I almost forgot…I am going to be on HGTV! They redecorated the room that used to be my office, which I made into the guest bedroom. I will be on a show called FreeStyle, where they take your existing things and transform the room. It was exciting to have them come over.
Feng Shui Q & A:
Q: My husband and I downsized last year, but we are still struggling with storage issues at our new home. The main problem is shoe storage. I am considering purchasing a plastic, under-the-bed storage box that will hold all of our shoes. Is that okay, Feng Shui-wise? I already keep a small suitcase under there.
In Feng Shui, we always recommend keeping the area under your bed clear to assure a peaceful night's sleep. Unfortunately, shoes and suitcases are an especially inauspicious choices for under bed storage since keeping them under a bed that you share can symbolize "walking away" or "moving away" from a relationship. If you cannot part with any of your shoes (something I understand!), consider what else you can move out of your bedroom closet to make room for the shoes. If you must store things under your bed, choose soft, seasonal clothing. Also avoid sharp objects or exercise equipment since they can cut into your sleep.

In the News: Better Wines Through Feng Shui
Wine critics in Northern California's wine region are raving about Pipestone Vineyards, the first grower to lay out its vineyard based in Feng Shui principles. Dozens of California wineries claim to grow their grapes organically or according to the even more rigorous biodynamic system, but Pipestone is the first winery that claims to have used Feng Shui design for it's vineyard. Critics are not sure how much of the credit goes to Feng Shui, but most agree that Pipestone wines are worth a try. You can read about Pipestone and Feng Shui at this website:

Consultations and Workshops
Upcoming Workshops
Santa Fe Design Week, October 22-29
As if you needed an excuse to come to Santa Fe in the Fall, here is another one: Plan ahead to be in Santa Fe in October for the second annual Santa Fe Design Week. This year's events will be held in conjunction with the prestigious UNESCO Creative Cities Summit. There will be more than 50 events focusing on design as form and function, and I will be hosting at least one Feng Shui workshop during the week. Mark your calendar and watch this newsletter and the Santa Fe Design Week website for more information:

Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore, November 9, 2006, 7-9pm
Feng Shui For Real Life with Carol Olmstead, AKA The Feng Shui Maven.
Join me for a two-hour, hands-on workshop to learn the basics of Feng Shui and to create a plan to change your home to sustain health, wealth, happiness, and love in your life! Bring a sketch of the floor plan of your home or a room you want to analyze. The cost is $25/members, $35/nonmembers, and advanced registration required. To register, contact Miriam Abramovich at the JCC of Greater Baltimore at 410-356-5200 x320 or

Home and Office Consultations: On a regular basis, I offer consultations for homes and offices in the Northeast (Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington, DC) and the Southwest (Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Los Alamos, Phoenix, Scottsdale). Appointments do fill up fast, especially on the weekends. Do you want a consultation or workshop in your city? Please e-mail me ( for details about setting up a session or consultation in your location.

Workshops and Seminars: I offer Feng Shui workshops are customized to meet the needs of individuals, organizations, and groups. Here are some of the most popular topics I have presented, which I can present at your location:
Introduction to Feng Shui
Bedroom Feng Shui
Feng Shui Clutter Clinic
Feng Shui for Children's Rooms
Home Office Feng Shui
Feng Shui Goes To Work
Look Twice, Buy Once for Home Buyers
Sell It Fast with Feng Shui
Feng Shui, Love, and Relationships
Feng Shui in the Garden
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Themes
Holiday Luncheons

Luncheons, Membership Meetings, Fund-Raisers
Feng Shui is a popular topic for luncheon and dinner meetings, special events, and fund-raisers. Whether it is a talk at the golf group luncheon, the garden club meeting, Temple Sisterhood meeting, office staff development session, or Christmas luncheon, my Feng Shui presentations are fun and always sell out! I am already starting to book Fall and Winter presentations, so please call 800-652-9038 to reserve your date!

Beyond Feng Shui: Romantic Getaway in Washington, DC
So many of my clients are looking for love or trying to rekindle the spark in their marriage, that I want to introduce Swann House, a charming B&B in Washington, DC, described by Frommer's as "the inn that launched a thousand marriages." This romantic hideaway, elegantly located in the Dupont Circle area, offers luxurious accommodations in an 1833 mansion. Crystal chandeliers, flower-filled decks, and a cozy garden with a pool are some of the exquisite details that help Swann House earn the ratings of Best B&B in Washington and One of the Nation's Top 10 Most Romantic Inns. Whether you are a DC area local or an out-of-towner looking for a romantic escape, Swann House is the place. Contact owner Mary Lotto Ross at 202-265-4414 and check out the website at:

My Client-Centered Approach to Feng Shui: When I recommend cures for a home or office, I consider each client's goals. I try not to recommend anything that you will find unattractive or unacceptable. Rather, I suggest practical, appropriate, and workable cures that are based on solid Feng Shui principles and fit in with the way you live. I try to recommend several practical solutions that are appealing to you and fit your decor and your budget.

Carol M. Olmstead,
FSII Certified Feng Shui Practitioner

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